We provide beautiful, fun, and fashionable head wraps for women who are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, cancer, or just need a way to conceal a rough hair day!

I've always loved the idea of head wraps ever since I was a young girl. I started this business to continue to empower women to embrace this practice of wearing head wraps and turbans because I think its a really cool way to express your individuality. When I was thinking of a name for the business, I found this biblical definition for the word crown :

The concept of a crown originates from a cap, turban, or more formal metallic crown that was decorated with jewels. Its placement on one's head indicated that one was set apart for a particular task or calling. Such crowns were used for the high priest or for kings of Israel. The crown indicated the consecrated role of its wearer. In the case of the king or queen it also reflected their exalted position. Crowns were worn to signify consecration, exaltation, and honor. Wearing a crown also implicated someone entering into a special position.

I was surprised to find out that turbans were worn in the old testament days as a thing of honor and it was used to symbolize one who is set apart and consecrated for a specific purpose. I want women to feel beautiful, strong and empowered when they wear my head wraps. That's why I choose the name "Crownned." When you wrap your hair, remember it a sign that you are unique, beautifully and wonderfully made, consecrated, set apart for a specific purpose.

- Crownned