Long Premium Jersey


$19.00 $20.00

SIZE: 70" x 26"


  • 4-Way Spandex Jersey Material
  • Smooth and flat
  • Non-Blended Jersey Head Scarf
  • Silky Smooth
  • Lays Down Flat 
  • Made to last
  • Not Pre-Tied


  • Hand wash or machine wash on warm
  • Tumble dry low
  • For make-up or oil stains, spot treat with stain remover
  • Iron on medium from the center outwards


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Renee C.
    I’ve Been Crowned

    I’m in love with my headwraps, lots of material, the stretch is amazing and of course purple is royalty and I don’t need permission from others I crown myself.

    Jourdan F.
    Cancer Survivor Praises your product!

    One of my coworkers was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago so a few other coworkers and I wanted to create a basket for her with items to make her comfortable for during her chemo treatments. Prior to her diagnosis she had very long, thick curly hair, she knew she was going to lose it once her treatment started and wanted to prepare for that. I often wear scarves to work and she asked me how to I styled them because was thinking of purchasing some. So my contribution to our gift basket was two scarves, this violet scarf and one pre-wrapped turban just in case she didn’t have the energy to wrap her head. She loved her basket and loved her Crownned scarves, while she out of the office she would send pictures in her wraps. On days she felt great she put on a little make up and with the pop of color from the scarf she felt pretty again. While on days she was a little more tired and heading to chemo she just slid the turban and went about her day. She raved about soft your scarves were against her skin which was suffering a little due to her chemo treatments. I recommend them to any and everyone. It’s a great product!

    WOW Jourdan, thank you so much for your amazing review. This is what it's all about. Making women feel beautiful. We're so happy that you love your scarfs

    Jeannie H.
    Love the Color!

    The stretchy material is the best and the color is beautiful. I want all colors!

    Thanks so much for leaving your review! We greatly appreciate your feedback and will definitely share this review with others!

    Patsy B.
    Love This

    Excellent product and fast shipping. the color is so pretty in person. Many compliments when I wear it.

    Hello Love! Thank you so much for leaving us a review! We're so happy to be able to serve you! We look forward to serving you in the future! Crownned - Crownned

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